Original Air Date: July 12, 2018

Over the past year, recycling businesses have been struggling to deal with China’s changes in import policy. The China crisis has exposed real issues throughout the recycling industry. We have hit a critical point where owners and operators need to take a hard look at their equipment’s ability to handle changes in the stream.

This presentation will cover the following challenges and strategies for MRF success:

  • How to handle an inbound stream that is overwhelming your system with film bags and problematic contamination such as garden hoses, clothes, and diapers.
  • How to train and keep a workforce that wants to do this job and do it well.
  • Aging, obsolete equipment that was not designed to handle the drastic stream changes that recyclers are currently experiencing.


Mark Neitzey
Director of Sales
Van Dyk

Adam Lovewell
Sales Manager – Midwest
Van Dyk